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How to find your laptop serial number and what processor is installed in your laptop.

G1050/1050TI (14"):
G1050/1050TI (15,6"/17,3"):
G1060 Kaby Lake (15,6" CPU i5-7300HQ/i7-7700HQ):
G1060 (15,6"):
G1060 Kaby Lake (17,3" CPU i5-7300HQ/i7-7700HQ),
G1070 Kaby Lake (15,6"/17,3" CPU i5-7300HQ/i7-7700HQ):
G1060 (17,3"),
G1070 (15/17"):
G1060 (15,6") serial number begins at "NKN8":
GS1060 (15,6"):
X1060 / X1070 (drivers are the same, but BIOS are different):
SLI1070 / SLI1080 - Skylake CPU (seria i5/i7 6xxx). Do not flash on laptops with Kaby Lake (seria i5/i7 7xxx)! Flashing this BIOS on Kaby Lake laptop might void warranty! :
SLI1080 serial number begins at "NKP870KM":
G960 (DDR3L):
G960 (DDR4):
G965 serial number begins at "NKN1":
G965 (serial number begins at "NKP6") / G970 / G980:
G965 (DDR4 version):
X965 / X970 / X980M / X980M-4K:
X980 (Desktop GPU):
SLI970 / SLI980: