Want a mouse you can use for hours without fatigue? Then DM2 Comfy is the mouse for you. We had these types of players in mind when designing. We not only developed a shape that was easy to hold, but also kept it light at only 94 g, the DM2works with you, not against you. The mouse shape was not just a random pick. It was designed by experts, and we know this shape will thrill true gamers. We have tested the DM2 Comfy with many gamers, and they love it. These professionals helped consult us on every detail, including the size. In the end, we found the best shape for most gamers is 131 mm x 39 mm x 84 mm. This size gives comfort to your hand and at the same time fits nicely in almost all palm sizes. You want an all day mouse, then DM2 Comfy is your choice.

Armed with the Pixart PMW3310DH optical sensor, there is no need to worry about being let down in the middle of the action. This mouse and sensor combination creates a powerful weapon for gamers. Dream Machines refused to compromise on many of the low cost sensors on the market, as we wanted to give our customers a mouse they can be proud of. Our design team worked countless hours to make sure that every setting in it was fine-tuned to the needs of gamers. This best in class sensor is here to give you accurate movement, high tracking speeds, and pixel precise aim, while minimizing acceleration, prediction, and smoothing. With a polling rate of 1000 Hz and a lift off distance of ~ 1.8 mm, the DM2 is equipped to give you the tools you need to crush the competition.

Once we chose the perfect sensor, we did not just leave it at that. Our next step was to make sure we have the newest firmware and customize each setting to the preferences of gamers. These are some of the most important customizations.

LOD - aka “Lift off distance”. We set it at about 1.8 mm as this is optimal for gamers. Anything higher and the mouse will track when you do not want it to. We wanted to make your movements on the mousepad fast and accurate, but nothing more.

ACCELERATION - We turned this off. Why? Acceleration is good for office drones whose only need for their mouse is to move from the middle of the screen to the edge quickly with a fast flick. Nice feature, indeed, but for gamers this creates inaccuracy. You do not know how far a swipe on the mousepad will move your crosshair in the action. Not what you want in a game as it means the difference between life and death.

PREDICTION - Also off. Similar to acceleration, it is a nice feature for people who want to draw things in paint. It helps you make a straight line. But if you are a gamer, you want even the smallest movement from left to right to be felt and seen on the screen.

SMOOTHING - Close to off. This is another feature that helps “smooth” your movement to disguise any lag on the mouse sensor. Of course, the lag in our mouse is very low (almost non-existent) and because of that, we do not need heavy smoothing which can distract a gamer. Basically, you will not notice anything except the real movement you are doing on the mousepad.

This mouse is fast. Lag is minimized and speed is set as high as possible. Maximum speed guaranteed by the manufacturer is 3.3 M/s, but we increased it to 4.0 M/s. Thanks to that, you can be sure that your mouse will not let you down especially in the critical moments of the game.

We understand that software can sometimes be a hassle- crashing, bugging out, or even preventing your devices from working at all. The DM2's button allows you to go from a pixel precise 400 DPI to the lightning quick 5000 DPI. All five of the DM2's DPI steps are native to the PMW3310, to ensure that they are free of any interpolation, jitter, or firmware tricks. Whether it's on the go, a LAN with friends, or tournament time, your DPI is there at a flick of a switch.

The entire shell of DM2 Comfy is covered with a soft touch, matte rubber coating ensuring the best grip possible. Many gamers sweat as playing an eSport takes a lot of energy and concentration. We have tested the hand-sweat resistant coating to make sure it works with both dry and sweaty hands.

Four large Teflon mouse feet help the DM2 effortlessly glide across your pad, while still giving you proper control. These feet are specifically designed to minimize drag on your mouse and still keep control of the situation. We know things happen. We also know that after heavy use, the feet can become worn, and that is why we included an extra set in each and every box.

The design of the cable was also not forgotten. We wanted to go with a braided cable to guarantee that it will not crack or wear out in a short amount of time. In addition, we tried to find a perfect braid that was not tough, but flexible, so it was still easy for gamers to move from left to right. We wanted our mouse to last for a long time and a good connection to your computer is important; thus we gold plated the USB connector. The length is set at 1.8 meters, which allows for plenty of possibilities to move your mouse in all directions, especially on a large size mousepad.

We know gamers click a lot. We wanted to make sure they have the best switches on the market. DM2 sports the legendary 20 million click Omron switches. This is in both the RMB and LMB, which means you can click all you want and each click is crisp and fast with everlasting durability.

The conveniently located side buttons are ready for whatever challenge you might bring, along with their 3 million-click lifetime. The scroll is a TTC with a 3 million-click lifespan and is set low and hard to click so there are no accidental clicks, which can ruin a game. These buttons are ready for even the most serious gamers.

DM2 is here. Dream Machines is proud of our first mouse, which is already a success. It features comfortable all day design, a flawless sensor, grippy coating, and durable switches. The mouse of your dreams is waiting for you.

Availability Out of stock
Price 99 PLN
Max speed 4.0 m/s
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Control 7 buttons + Scroll
Sensor Optical PMW3310DH
USB Gold plated
DPI 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 5000
LOD (lift off distance) ~1.8 mm
Left switch Omron 20.000.000 clicks
Right switch Omron 20.000.000 clicks
Side switches 3.000.000 clicks
Scroll TCC 3.000.000 clicks
Size 131 х 84 х 39 mm
Weight 94 g (without cable)
Cable Braided cable (1.8 m)
Backlight DM logo
Surface Matte
Content Mouse, instructions, additional sliders