Our laptops feature manually enable or disabling the discrete GPU

If you want to focus on battery life then choose “Nvidia Optimus”. This will turn off G-Sync and the Nvidia GPU

Please, remember that using G-Sync + MFAA will drain battery power faster.

2 ways to switch the GPU on or off

1. The first way is to go to Clevo Control Center > Switch GPU > Discrete (for G-Sync) / MSYBRID (for Optimus). To finalize a change will require a restart.

2. The second way is to push the F2 key many times before it loads Windows. The computer will enter BIOS. Please, arrow over to the Advanced Chipset Control and change from MSHYBRID to DISCRETE. After this, exit BIOS and save changes. The computer will restart with the GPU enabled and now you can enable G-Sync and MFAA in Nvidia control panel.