This is a series designed for players from players. These models are equipped with the components of the highest quality. Series X is characterized by unrivaled graphics cards and the most efficient processor, so you can take your computer anywhere and enjoy the highest quality gameplay wherever you are.

Coffee Lake is the name of the newest generation of Intel processors specifically designed for the most advanced games on the market. Some of the most demanding tasks – FHD support and 3D graphics, multitasking and multimedia - are handled by Intel Core i7-8700K Overclockable in a way that you will notice and feel. Intel Core i7-8700K Overclockable is based on the 14nm micro-architecture with a code name Coffee Lake. Hardware based on this innovative solution has a much lower power consumption, while ensuring a higher efficiency, compared with the previous generation of processors. All of this means that playing and working has never been so pleasant. Immerse yourself in the highest quality of gameplay with Intel processors!

The major advantage of this processor is an unlocked multiplier, so that you can easily tweak it. This is the desktop version, which was created for the desktop computers, meaning it has much more power than its rival mobile version.

The biggest problem of gaming laptops are their processors, which are mobile. This usually means less power compared to the classic desktop computer. Models of X do not have this problem, because your laptop runs on the same processor as regualar PCs, allowing you to achieve much better results than their mobile rivals.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU delivers the ultimate experience in gaming laptops, supporting advanced technologies, such as NVIDIA PhysX, and GeForce Experience TXAA and providing a result of the high quality of experience during the game. With incredible energy efficiency and innovative technology called NVIDIA Battery Boost, you can now play on battery power nearly twice as long compared to the previous generation of graphics solutions. Let yourself be carried away on an unprecedented level of gameplay.

If screen tearing and freezes during the culmination moments of a gameplay have been bothering you regularly, NVIDIA G-SYNC™ technology will make your problems go away. With our laptops you can enjoy every aspect of the game, even using a 4K resolution.

With such a high resolution that provides Full HD screen, you'll be able to enjoy the pristine image quality and deepen tour entertainment experience watching both movies and playing computer games. It is impossible to describe in words the quality that gives us the FHD (1920x1080). you just have to see it! In this case the quality takes on a new meaning. Better matter.

IPS display images using a larger color gamut, in our laptops we use panels with 72% NTSC color gamut. Such screens generate a much stronger image with higher resolution point. As for the level of contrast, images are 40% sharper and brighter, and about 20% lighter compared to the images displayed on regular TN panels. We know how important it is that image that we see is sharp and full of colors as we can truly feel what we see on the screen. Dream Colors Special technology allows extremely accurate color reproduction of image is full detail.

How often do you encounter a problem when you sit down by your friends’ laptop and instead of a favorite movie or game all you see is a reflection? This is history now! Matte displays provide excellent working conditions, even if the work area is heavily exposed. It is also worth noting that this type of displays has much less influence on eye fatigue, which is essential when poeople spend long hours in front of their laptops.

Thanks to the M.2 port and an SSD drive connected through it, you can experience incredible data read and write speeds (up to 530MB/s and 430MB/s respectively on our standard SSD drive). If you want to enjoy the full power of M.2, refer to the configurator and select your dream SSD drive, where you can choose the one with several thousands MB/s speeds.

You can install the fastest SODIMM memory which is available on the market in our laptops. Its biggest advantage is that it operates on the latest SO-DIMM technology with high performance levels. Get the best possible results from your notebook with the support of advanced memory 16GB DDR4 2133MHz CL15 available with our standard configurations.

The best audio quality, surround sound or even advanced application of the microphone are just a few of the many advantages of this wonderful application of developed by Creative. Thanks to the Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro application, you can turn your notebook into a 5.1 audio system enforced by THX TruStudio Pro technology.

The newest and fastest interface Thunderbolt ™ 3 supports data rates up to 40 Gb / s and allows serial connection of two external monitors 4K. It offers support for USB 3.1 and allows you to power / recharging voltage of 5V and intensity 3A.

Gamers care about cooling a lot, it is one of the key requirements when selecting a new gaming laptop. With this in mind we designed our cooling system in a way to achieve lower temperatures compared to our competitors.

Killer™ DoubleShot Pro, incorporated into Dream Machines design, provides secure data transmission and sets priorities for network traffic. This design also prevents the formation of millisecond intervals so you do not have to worry about security issues even when gaming at your highest level. The Killer™ DoubleShot Pro technology can be simultaneously used by the network cdapteraard Killer Gigabit dual-band wireless LAN and the WiFi chip Killer WiFi 802.11ac. This reduces the delay by 3.5 times compared to applications, which use only the 802.11ac controller.

Killer Shield is another technilogy for smooth data upload and download procesess. This reduces short millisecond intervals during data transmission.

Despite its high power, X1060-15PL32 laptop is very light and compact, which makes it almost natural to take your notebook wherever you go. If you are looking for the perfect compromise between performance and dimensions, than is just for you!





7499 PLN


The 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) 16:9 panel Matte, IPS inch LED display, that handles FHD/QHD 16:9 resolution. The screen is matte, and by not reflecting the light, it lets you work anywhere you want.


Thanks to NVIDIA G-Sync™ technology you will get extremely smooth display during your gameplay. Even with the low FPS you'll be amazed with what you see. You won't care about frames per second anymore.


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB


Hexa-core Twelve-threads Intel Core i7-8700K Overclockable (8 generation "Coffee Lake")


Intel® HM170 Express.


16GB DDR4 2133MHz CL15


M.2 500 GB SSD


Full color Illuminated full size keyboard with numeric pad and anti-ghost keys


Hi-Def - Sound Blaster Pro-Gaming 360


Killer E2400


3 x USB 3.0 ports (1 x powered USB port, AC/DC) / 1x USB 3.1 Type C / 1x USB 3.1 Gen2/Thunderbolt TM 3 combo port (Type-C)
1 x HDMI output port (with HDCP)
1 x Headphone jack
1 x Microphone jack
1 x S/PDIF output jack
6-in-1 Card reader

Based on

Clevo P751TM1-G

Size and weight

386(W) X 262(D) X 38(H)mm, ~3.4Kg

More info

Kensington Lock
2.0M FHD video camera




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