What do you get for your money? “SO MUCH for so little!” The Dream Audio Conch delivers the best combination of features, performance, and price for any Bluetooth speaker on the market. It is a fantastic value for music lovers and the best Bluetooth speaker for any occasion! It comes to you in a beautiful white, black, and silver durable crush-resistant box made ​​of solid materials to keep your Conch safe and sound upon its arrival at your doorstep. Inside there is a special sponge to cover and protect the speaker from damage to insure that your new Conch will come to you in perfect condition. In addition, you will a USB cable, audio cable, instruction manual, and warranty card, all included with your purchase, so you will have everything for your new Conch speaker at your fingertips in one convenient place for you to use and keep everything handy. It’s all there for your listening enjoyment with your incredible new Dream Audio Conch!



The speaker is available in two vibrant colors: white and black. The Conch has a brilliant design and is sleek and portable. It is shaped like a classic shell with clean sleek lines in an elegant modern design to look attractive in your home. It will coordinate with any home décor and add to the beauty of any room in your home. It is very solidly constructed and all components are perfectly matched, so the sound is clear and clean. The casing is both attractive and durable to last a long time for your enjoyment. The Conch will not disappoint! The dimensions of the device are 185 mm in height, 200 mm width and 80 mm in length . The whole speaker weighs about 682g., so it is light enough to put in any room of your house or carry with you in your backpack when you are on the go! You will love the convenience of having the Conch wherever you are to use at home or when you are visiting with friends. Enjoy crystal clear sound without being tied down to wires. This is the speaker that can go anywhere. It is the ultra-portable speaker that stands out from the competition!
The Conch has excellent stereo sound with enhanced bass. On the upper part of the housing, there is a quality control panel speaker. You'll find two touch-sensitive buttons with volume and the additional option of receiving calls. At the center of the panel is a large button stop / play, which when held longer, turns the speaker on and off. In the lower part, there is a LED, charging socket of the interface micro-USB and line-in 3.5 mm.
The speaker keeps the top firm and steady in place thanks to a rubber base that provides perfect grip. The entire enclosure of the Conch is made of quality plastic materials with metal orphanage speakers and a upgraded quality subwoofer. You will love the Conch for its outstanding quality and numerous features. You will be telling everyone about the Conch and its great sound!



The Conch has an amazing battery life! You will not believe the long amount of time that you can use the Conch on the same battery charge, no matter where you are. The Conch lets you enjoy music for 6 hours- all thanks to the lithium battery 3.7V / 1500mAh. When you do have to charge the battery, it takes only a few hours at a voltage of 5V DC. The state of charge we can be observed with a special diode that will inform us about the status of the battery by changing its color to green, yellow and red. Everything is loaded via the USB cable, which is included in the entire set. The speaker has a power-saving feature, which during inactivity disconnects itself, so you do not have to worry about the state of the battery. Every detail of the Conch battery has been researched and considered to make the Conch the best speaker on the market for your listening enjoyment! You will be the envy of all of friends with the Conch!



The wireless speaker operates through the transmission Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. Its range is about 10 meters, but the big impact is that it can have different environmental factors and other Bluetooth devices in the area and never skip a beat. With an external audio interface, you can connect any device to the speaker using a normal mini-jack. So talk about portability in a small speaker with top sound performance! Do not fear that the usefulness of the speaker will be limited only to the Bluetooth transmission, it can be connected using cable too.



What really sets this speaker apart from the competitors is the fantastic sound! This is the small portable speaker with the BIG sound! The Conch offers surprisingly superior sound performance. It has an awesome sound like no other! The Conch speaker sound is warm and inviting for your listening pleasure, but it still has the bass and soprano perfectly alleviated. The sound is crystal clear and mild. The bass is audible and quite free. There is no effect of blockages. The sound propagates perfectly open and closed space. There is 3W power to each speaker, ideal for medium-sized outdoor events and at home. You will use your new Conch speaker for so many things that you will wonder how you ever got along without it before!
The Conch music listening quality is absolutely amazing. When listening to movies it performs even better, thanks to its unique subwoofer. You will feel like you are right in the cinema! Watching movies will be now even more enjoyable, and you will hear the full of range of emotion and sound levels like you have never heard in the past with other low quality speakers. The Conch sound will make your movie listening even better than you can imagine….just wait ‘til you get your Conch in your home and relax and enjoy the sounds and quality of a well-made speaker unlike any that you have used in the past. You can even easily take phone calls using the speakerphone function which makes it the perfect home office speaker or family time speaker to talk with long distance friends or family. It connects in seconds to all Bluetooth devices. The Conch is the new bluetooth speaker that you cannot live without and will enjoy for a long time!


“It is the speaker of your DREAMS!”




Dream Audio Conch - Black

Dream Audio Conch - White


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Out of stock

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Bluetooth

Battery 6 hours battery uptime

touch Touch controll panel

Krystaliczny_dzwiek Crystal clear sound

Subufor Build in Subwoofer

usb USB charging


Product information

Size: 185 x 200 x 80mm
Transmission range up to 10m
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Output power: 3W x2
Lithium Ion 3.7V / 1500mAh
Up to 6 hours work time
Weight around 682g


Conch Speaker
USB Cable
Audio Cable


2 years